School of Technical and Vocational Education Training

The School has developed  two (2) academic programmes with the focus on teaching skills and increasing employabililty of the students.  The main objective of this program is to enhance knowledge, skills, attitude and awareness among the students in the field of vocational and technical education.  A field practicum has been designed in such a way that each student would be provided adequate opportunities for gaining knowledge, information and much needed skills.

The School currently seeks collaboration with professional bodies and other technical institutions in enhancing the implementation and dissemination of its academic programmes. It also seeks a wider implementation of the VET component, particularly in the remote/rural areas where access to skills education is very poor. The eligibility for the programme is the completion of 12th Grade with a good knowledge in the Sciences.

Programmes on Offer:

Associate Degree in Engineering

This programme is customized to teach and modernize the technical knowledge of the students to provide better industry-education linkage and particularly, to meet the educational needs, stardards and technical requirements for the economic development of the country.

Associate Degree in Computer Science

Businesses and other sectors rely heavily on information and network technologies across a wide range of services. In our Computer Science associate degree program, we provide students with the skills required to design, install, configure and maintain network and technology infrastructures. Some courses prepared by this programme are also on offer in programmes of other schools such as Health Science and Education.  Graduates from this programme are prepared to enter a variety of career fields and earn industry-relevant certifications.