Modern Soil Laboratory Lunched at LCCC

soil lab

In an effort to make the Lofa County Community College a Center of Excellence, USAID-FED has dedicated a modern Science laboratory to the people of LCCC and Lofa County. One of the main purpose of constructing such an expensive facility is to provide soil testing opportunity to farmers in the entire Lofa County. The soil test can determine the fertility and pH levels of their farms even before planting their crops. This will help to increase their crop yield and thereby providing surplus food for the Nation. Key Participants/Stakeholders who attended the program include Hon. George Tengbeh, Hon. George Donor, Dr. James N. Kollie Sr.and Mr. Boima Bafaie.  Representatives from various government ministries and agencies also attended the program.

Dr. James N. Kollie in his speech thanked USAID-FED for all the help given to Lofa County Community College especially the Modern Soil Laboratory and Internet facilities. A brief remark followed by cutting of ribbon was done by Hon. George S. Dunor, Superintendent Lofa County. USAID-FED Deputy Chief of Party, Boima Bafaie encouraged LCCC to put in place mechanism that will help maintain the facility.



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Agriculture Eduation at the Lofa County Community College has been enhanced practically by USAID-FED. Students of the department of Agriculture have been longing and earnestly waiting for government or any other organization to help build the school a standard lab. Finally God has done it for the Lofa County Community College. No longer our students will learn in abstract, no longer will they ome to the college and go back disappointed because there is nothing to practie with, no longer will our instrutors teach without demonstration and no longer will our farmers plant without teting their soils to ascertain the level of fertility. The soil lab is well equipped with state-of-the-earth equipement, reagents and materials.

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Bravo to USAID-FED and the LCCC administration. Hope this modern soil lab will provide support to teaching, research and extension programs in the County.

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The Lofa County Community College remains one of the best Community Colleges in Liberia right now. With the installation of the modern soil lab at the college, Agriculture in the County has taken a new face. Thanks to the American people.

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We have reached where we want to but equally we are not where we where especially with the support from Government and our partners in progress with the likes of FED and others. The installation of the modern soil lab on the campus of the collage has given boost to the College and the County at large where local farmers will now test their soil before deciding what crop(s) to grow. The slogan "eat what you grow and grow what you eat" will now be realized. Remember that this College calling is Agriculture. As such, Lofa is on her way to retaining her pre-war status "the bread basket of Liberia". All we can say is thanks to the American People.

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One of the best and easy ways forward in life is to be educated and to specialize in a particular discipline or area, as you can see students of the Lofa County Community College from the Agriculture Department have decided to major in the Soil, which prompted them to do Agriculture. Due to the hard work and commitment of the Agriculture Students, partners of the Lofa County Community College deem it necessary to built the Institution a modern Agriculture Lab, which I strongly believe will help provide many services to the entire country and other neighboring countries when it comes to soil solutions. You are welcome to join the boat in moving the country forward by doing Agriculture as your major. When you do Agriculture, you can do anything. Thanks.