Department of Health Sciences

This School was set up with the objective of augmenting educational avenues for medical, nursing and paramedical personnel through the campus mode.  The main function of the School is the planning, developing, and lunching of Degree, Diploma and Certificate programmes for various categories of health professionals bringing about health related awareness courses for rural students, and conducting research on health related issues.  The School has also collaborated with various national and international organizations such as the World Health Organization (WHO), Ministry of Health & Social Welfare (MOHSW), Liberia Nursing Board (LNB), and the Tellewoyan Medical Hospital for the development and dissemination of programmes.

Programmes on Offer:

Associate Degree in Nursing

This is a three-year program with majority of the courses being practical courses.  The goal is to provide an opportunity for a large segment of rural students to be trained in order to respond to the changing health needs of the society;  to motivate nurses to maintain clinical competence in order to provide quality health care, develop personal and professional growth for better career opportunities.