Department of Agriculture

Agriculture is the engine of growth, the main stay of the Liberian economy, and the largest contributor to GDP (around 51.3%) and employing over 40% of the national workforce. Therefore, the role of the School of Agriculture in the county and national development cannot be over emphasized. Initially, the School is made up of four departments. 

  • General Agriculture
  • Agronomy
  • Crop science
  • Animal Science 

The School of General Agriculture strives for a flagship role in the development and delivery of educational programmes in Agriculture in Liberia. The School has been focusing on academic and extension activities in agriculture at the national level with a mission to improve and sustain productivity and quality of human life in rural areas.  Its vision is to improve agricultural knowledge, skills and entrepreneurial capabilities of the farmers and rural youth to create a force trained human resources, in consonance with national and regional policies, programmes and the market environment.  

The School also partners with the Food and Enterprise Development (FED) USAID for the implementation of its programmes.

Programmes on Offer:

Associate Degree in General Agriculture

The goal of this course is to impart knowledge and technical proficiency in procurement of raw material, preparation of value added products, prevention of losses in fresh and process horticulture produce, marketing and managing small and medium enterprise economically.

Associate Degree in Agronomy

Developed in colaboration with the Ministry of Agriculture,  the aim of this programme is to develop technical level human resource in undertaking food safety and quality assurance in food processing chain. 

Associate Degree in Crop Science

This programmed aims at developing human resource for crop farming system on scientific lines and encourages entrepreneurship among youth for self-employment through crop production.

Associate Degree in Animal Science

This awareness programme aims at imparting knowledge and technical proficiency in livestock management practices.