5 Lofa Community College Students Suspended for ‘Insulting’ Administrators

The College has with immediate effect suspended five students for allegedly insulting authorities of the institution.

The LCCC’s administration accused the suspended students of writing of several press releases raining insults of them and making false accusations at some Administrators of the College.

The students suspended include James Wolobah, Momo Kamara, Emmanuel Akoi, Norris M. Sherriff and Anthony Kringa.

There is so far no reaction from the affected students.

According to the President of the Lofa County Community College Dr. Samuel K. Ngaima, in the first press release students Emmanuel Akoi, Anthony Krinker and James Wolobah wrote insulting comments against some administrators of the College.

While in the second press release, students Norris M. Sheriff and Momo Kamara insulting the Vice President for Administration, Mr. Samuel Dumber.

According to the administration, the five students were suspended with immediate effect as off Monday December 10, 2018 for one semester.

“The suspension of these five students will served as deterrent to others students who are in the habits of rudely behaviors to desist and this administration will not relent in taking action against students found in any unwholesome acts at the College,” Dr. Samuel K. Ngaima pointed out.

In a related development, the President of the Lofa County Community College Dr. Samuel K. Ngaima has donated a set of Encyclopedia to the Lofa County Community College to be used by students of the Institution.

According to Dr. Ngaima, the donation was his way of helping to promote research activities particularly for students who do not have access to the internet.

He cautioned students of the LCCC to be able to make maximum use of the library, noting that this is the only way they will make a better pass marks at the College and be prepared for future challenges ahead.

Receiving the Encyclopedia on behalf of the College, the VPA and VPAA Mr. Samuel Dumber and James Arku thanked Dr. Ngaima for the gesture, promising that the books will be used for the intended purpose.